Pokémon Players Cup II: TCG Grand Finals

Am 12 Jan 2021 veröffentlicht
Watch Brent battle Zach in the TCG Grand Finals of the Pokémon Players Cup II!


  • xd no hablo ingles jajaja

  • I wonder if Zach has rosacea

  • This was great!

    • Just wish I could read the cARDs. Maybe its my screen?

  • Zach has an STD on his nose

  • I love this game but the fact that some coin flipping can decide a match is dissapointing

    • @Pumpythecat yes, you have a huge point

    • I think more games are decided by drawing absolute garbage in the opening hand than coin flips

  • Great match!

  • Hahahahahahahahahaha stop getting your nose pierced if it looks like that.

  • What happened to Zach's nose??

  • I thought they said pikarom was dead?

  • A

  • Zekrom’s design is blatantly racist

    • @Bluebird He resembles the Ku Klux Klan Nighthawk (A black robe) and his eyes are the same color as the WWII German flag

    • Bruh what?

    • *LOL*

    • What now?

  • Why do their pictures look like mug shots.

  • Nose

  • Why does that Zach guy look like rudolph tho? Hope it's not an infection from his piercings. Lol

    • Im sorry for him but is gross AF. And even with that he pierces his nose... I cant understand anything.

    • my exact thought lol

  • Am i the only mudkip lover who loves mudkip not because of he meme?

  • thumbnail looks like mug shots

    • same for the VGC format games. It's like the photographers told the trainers they had to look like they'd just been arrested lol

    • Middle age professional gamers who earn less annually than a pizza guy. What were you expecting?

  • third

  • How much money does it cost to get decks like these? Specially the TCGO

    • @Tommy lee Hartnagel it's all digital. No webcam needed. Though, you can do webcam matches if you wanted.

    • @JoelRiter are all the matches for this digitally online right now or do they have a camera option like yugioh

    • Pretty cheap, with bulk codes options of 25 $ usd for 50 boosters codes. The League Battle Deck code of Pikachu & Zekrom is like 12 $ usd. So yeah, pretty cheap.

    • Not much. If you are just looking to play online codes aren't too expensive by themselves. There are a lot of great free to play guides on DEname. Leon Charizard is a meta deck that can be made with two theme decks. The theme decks are super easy to get for free on PTCGO. The real cards can be a bit pricey, but slowly collecting over time and knowing exactly what you want helps. Its nothing like Magic though, thank Arceus..

  • What happens to that guys nose?