Players Cup II Pokémon Spotlight Series: Nihilego

Am 18 Dez 2020 veröffentlicht
New to the #PokemonVG competitive scene? #PlayPokemon commentator Rosemary Kelley has you covered! Learn about Nihilego, a feature on many teams during the Players Cup II virtual tournament.
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  • Man u made me remember pokemon I miss em😭😭:)

  • Not to mention It acts like a Little Girl

  • Eartquake HELLO edit: now i know how good nihilego can be with better phys defense

  • LOL I read it as new lego

  • Nihilego was in the Player Cup?

  • But why is nihlego a rock type?

    • Becose is made of toxic glass

    • It's typing is Rock/Poison because it is based on amoeba. Rock is there because amoebas have been around for a long time, so Nihilego is like the Fossil Pokémon of Ultra Beasts (Most Fossil Pokémon are Rock-Type). Nihilego's secondary type is Poison because amoebas are parasites and can cause health problems to their hosts. This is further backed up by Nihilego's Classification being Parasite Pokémon.

    • @MM R i am not sure

    • It can make rocks in the anime

    • I think it’s made of crystal

  • Cool!