Players Cup II Pokémon Spotlight Series: Metagross

Am 18 Dez 2020 veröffentlicht
New to the #PokemonVG competitive scene? #PlayPokemon commentator Rosemary Kelley has you covered! Learn about Metagross, a common feature on many teams during the Players Cup II virtual tournament.
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  • one of my faves

  • I am a good pokemon and I am broken Dracovish:Hold my beer

  • My favorite Steel Type :)

  • What game is this

  • Hi go check out alpaco HE IS AWESOME

  • This is also about dusclops

  • Anyone using a shiny metagross from beldum community day?

    • @Firouz Kariim wibisono it does, but it’s not for trade.

    • @Mac Connor i want to use that metagross if it have good iv

    • I'm using a shiny metagross from the shiny beldum event all the way back when ORAS came out

  • My favorite pokemon I just got Metagross in pixelmon yesterday

  • Use iron defense and YOU GOT A WALL AGAINST EARTHQUAKE *ALRIGHT WRECK HIM WITH ICE PUNCH* Edit: Ideal natures for this pokemon are Brave, Impish, Adamant, and Relaxed

  • My favorite metagross

  • Rip mega evolution

  • That one dang metal spider that sweeps my team

    • Metagross is an overall good pokemon to use and hits hard.

  • Metagross DESTROYS with weakness policy and trick room, If you play it right you basically never lose i pair metagross with brongzong to run trickroom and my god it kills EVERYTHING

    • @Ibrahim Ahmed i usually give my brongzong room service so once he activated trick room I can get bulldoze off guaranteed mostly first to activate weakness policy on my metagross so it one shots everything, the only times really it doesn’t kill anything is if whatever Pokémon I’m up against has high defense or I get burned, I have had times where I one shot while a reflect was up, it’s THAT BROKEN

    • I agree, metagross has a good speed niche where it can be either speedy under tailwind or Trick room while dishing out massive amounts of damage.

    • Thanks for the strat man :) I might have to try that

  • Love it when randos don't know how to defend against Metagross. Well now this video takes away some of that fun but I do like the Spotlight Series.

  • why is there only 74 views? also THIRD

  • Meta

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