Pokémon Players Cup II: TCG Winners Bracket Finals

Am 12 Jan 2021 veröffentlicht
Watch Brent battle Hugo in the TCG Winners Bracket Finals of the Pokémon Players Cup II!


  • Cool gameplay, but why does their faces have to be so funny looking in their icon 😂

  • Is the commentary from pkktcgradio?

  • Hugo is so happy

  • Reshiram and Zekrom do not have racist designs and Gamefreak had not racist intent in making the models. Also Gamefreak wouldn't just change a Pokemon's design just because someone thinks its racist.

    • @wubiest Please, if you are going to comment something like this, please think about what you are sending. What you sent just made you look inconsiderate.

    • @WaluigiMan67 take your medication please

    • Racist actions without racist intent doesn’t make the action not racist. You can be racist without realizing it or having the intent to

    • @Ridwan Afwan Karim Fauzi Well, the Ku klux klan did originate in America so it would make the most sense, but this group appears all over the world but the true origin was the Unites States. It was in response of the abolishment of slavery.

    • It has to be Americans who complained

  • I never knew they made a Pokemon card app game!? So cool

  • Both the Pokémon Reshiram and Zekrom are racist allusions of the Ku Klux Klan and they should of been redesigned ages ago. The shapes of their heads, the stripes on their tails, Zekrom’s Nazi eyes, and them making cross burning references by doing t posing. This issue has been ignored by Pokémon and they still promote these characters even though they are aware of this problem. Pokémon is all about profit. They do not care for what products they put out; even if they are racist Pokemon. Zekrom is seen making white power salutes. To Pokémon, that is perfectly fine.

    • They clearly built a straw man to burn down and call racist. I’m tired of people making shit up to be butt hurt about.

    • @Corey Hancock Even if they did not mean it, that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t change it.

    • People really waking up and thinking to themselves, “Yea a game company would definitely make two Pokémon who represent the KKK. That’s be good for their sales and not hurt their company at all.” It’s laughable.

    • @Corey Hancock You just gotta love how friendly the people are in this comment section. You are making yourselves look bad. You didn’t see this person insulting anyone did you?

    • This is the stupidest shit I’ve ever read

  • Zekrom’s design is blatantly racist

  • Mad respect for Blacephalon, such a cool combo deck

  • Wossy! How cool is hearing you here!

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  • Rip my homie :(

  • Second

  • Cool match!!