Players Cup II Pokémon Spotlight Series: Incineroar

Am 18 Dez 2020 veröffentlicht
New to the #PokemonVG competitive scene? #PlayPokemon commentator Rosemary Kelley has you covered! Learn about Incineroar, a common feature on many teams during the Players Cup II virtual tournament.
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  • Insinaroar is the best

  • Incineroar is PERFECT ❤❤❤❤❤❤

  • Lol you can catch all guardians xD?

  • Overpowered and in every team Good design but I hate it Why couldn't it stay out of the game?

    • @tenrec power you forgot Xerneas, wimsicot and landorous

    • some people say dragapult and dracovish op that what heard

  • May favourite Pokémon

  • Pokémon your games are a disgrace as of late: less content for more price. Your best game was soulsilver. Ever since you have been more and more anti-consumer and lost all self respect as game designers

    • @Nicolas Goulet In your initial comment you said that you liked Soul Silver. What I meant was that you disliking the game design of Pokémon in general doesn't thus make much sense, unless you actually don't have the faintest idea what you're talking about. After stating this I underlined that I can see you have a problem with SwSh level design, so I proceeded to ask who do you think the level designers of Sword and Shield should learn from, as a way to get a better idea on what kind of expectations you had in that area. And speaking of expectations, when did I say that you specifically had unrealistic expectations? I mentioned those when explaining why negativity gets so much more attention than positivity in this community, regardless of the actual ratio. But at no point did I direct any of that to you. Perhaps I should ask you the thing you, this @Daniel Alexandre in these replies, as well as many, many others have left me wondering: Would it actually be impossible for you Pokémon haters to at least try and stop being so self-centered all the time?

    • @M3W2 no the game design/level design is the only part where I am not shitposting and where I am absolutely 100% right. Saying I have unrealistic expectations is just a manner of handwaiving the harsh truth being told to you: THE PPL MAKING THIS GAME DONT CARE AND WILL CONTINUE TO FOLLOW THE PATH OF LEAST EFFORT BECAUSE brain dead ppl will keep buying it

    • @Nicolas Goulet Yet again missing the point here. SwSh didn't sell well; they sold exceptionally well, meaning that it sells because Pokémon isn't all that valid argument. Many genuinely loved these games. Public outcries in this precise fandom have mostly been just a vocal minority wailing over their unrealistic expectations. You wouldn't know if someone presented some creative criticism to GameFreak about, let's say, the difficulty of the games. GameFreak would know in this case tough, and if lowering the game's difficulty is highly requested by those people, how SwSh turned out is GameFreak's answer. I am positive you didn't think what you said through when you criticized the game design as a whole, so I'll just address the part I can confidently say you actually have an issue with: Do tell me who SwSh level designers should learn from in your opinion. And lastly, could you link me to where ever you found that quote. I've looked for it for quite some time now, and have found no such statement to his name.

    • It's true that something selling a lot is a good argument. You see, mon brave, I do not care for what the masses enjoy for we are obviously men of taste and of superior culture and taste; otherwise we wouldn't be arguing in a video about pkmn fighting, CQFD. This massive argument being said, why would wise men let themselves be guided by the whims of people with underdevelopped frontal cortex? I have never heard about ppl wanting it easier. It's just because Gamefreak doesn't want to make the effort to think about game design, level design etc... because no matter what they'll sell 20 million copies of the stuff and they are much worried about adapting themselves to the modern reality of games with cellphones xd IXDAYhicksdhey. ''Ppl don't have the time to play games anymore, they don't even try to read'' -CEO of pkmn, you can look it up

    • @Nicolas Goulet As I already said to @Daniel Alexandre, GameFreak aims to find ways to make the games most pleasing to as many of their customers as possible, as long gone are days they were able to please everyone. Regardless of your personal experience, the popular demand seems to have been for easier games. After release, inspecting sales would be a good way to see how pleasing GameFreak's answer to that demand was. And what do those numbers show us? They show that SwSh are third best selling Main Games in the history of the entire franchise. Over 20,000,000 units sold is an impressive feat, even for a series this big. Also, being told I'm the uneducated one here by the person who couldn't even debate about such a topic as video games without dropping in an insult or assumption in three of their latest comments? That is not just... very convincing.

  • Is inceneroar in galar or just in alola?

  • Will Ash and Goh going to do trade Boldore to evolve into Gigalith in future of sword and shield anime !?

  • First litten,torrcat,incineroar

  • My 2nd favorite pokemon of all time

  • The most predictable Pokemon ever, it literally has Fake Out / Parting Shot written all over its face.

  • I love incineroar it the best so amazing and awesome I'm glad it exists in the pokemon world🐯🔥🔥🔥

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  • Cool my 2nd favorite Pokemon in fire type

  • Wow!