Players Cup II Pokémon Spotlight Series: Glastrier

Am 18 Dez 2020 veröffentlicht
New to the #PokemonVG competitive scene? #PlayPokemon commentator Rosemary Kelley has you covered! Learn about Glastrier, a common feature on many teams during the Players Cup II virtual tournament.
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  • Can we use Calyrex in these tournaments?

  • This is such as good pokemon for both cartridge formats and I still see a some people sleeping on it because of a silly meme.

  • A horse is lacking speed. Is it actually a donkey or something?

  • 😃 new year

  • So then how do you get Glastrier? Or separate it from Calyrex?

    • You use the Reins of Unity to separate and combine them

  • So its Glass-tree-er, i thought it was glace-tree-er

  • why is this recommended. and why is this 7 year old boy doing the narration?

    • I bet you and your alt account are the two dislikes

    • The only 7 year old I see here is you

    • Plus it’s a girl not a boy and not a 7 year old

    • Stop being mean

    • Lmao

  • Oh i hate that Fu*kemon

  • That one good bulky ice type

  • It's funny how Calyrex, Spectrier, and Glastrier have only TWO moves!!!!

    • Both of them have more than 2 moves But when combined they aren't allowed to use 8 moves

    • All of them have 4 moves max

    • They don’t

    • What???

    • Not even magikarp does 0.0